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"Itty Bitty Saves the Day" is a heartwarming picture book about a little Dachshund puppy that is born with special needs. Through tender care from his owner, MaryAnn, Itty Bitty is soon strong enough to eat alongside his brothers and sister. Itty Bitty is the runt of the litter, though, and has very BIG feet. He tries to keep up with his brothers and sister, but is just not strong enough. All of the puppies seem to be growing up big and strong, except for Itty Bitty. --But then, one beautiful, sunny day, Itty Bitty finds his doggie family in the middle of an emergency. Itty Bitty's size works to his advantage, and through his heroic actions he is able to save the day for his family. The original, color photographs and story relay one of life's true lessons to young children: "Even though you are little, you can do big things!" It is hoped that this simple story will inspire children of all ages, but especially children with special needs who know what it is like to be "Itty Bitty."

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ISBN (ISBN-10): 1598794825

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