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Collection teams will be on campus theme (best version)(Chinese Edition) - JIN WEN
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Collection teams will be on campus theme (best version)(Chinese Edition) - Livres de poche

2011, ISBN: 9787541132230

ID: 488897003

paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pages Number: 220 Publisher: Sichuan Arts Pub. Date :2011-09-01 version 1. Theme teams will be active is an important form of quality education in primary and secondary schools. In the opening ceremony. Children's Day. 71 birthday party. eleven National Day and the Young Pioneers of the construction team on other major festival. and towards the weekly flag-raising ceremony at the Young Pioneers who should carry out a variety of team will be the subject of activities to show contemporary children's mental outlook. Campus Collection theme teams will '(author Bronze) classification of science. innovative. knowledgeable. professional and accurate. the campus theme team would Collection is a theme team will host campus practical canon. Contents: first love for the motherland Keywords: patriotic national spirit from generation to generation I grew up sound development of our motherland Grace Chung party. Sincere patriotic Motherland flights of fancy in my heart my home town baby love Su Su Township patriotic activities References second time my sister smiled interactive red scarf yearned Party Keywords: grace to experience the party yearned red scarf red scarf floating up the party being the party of the sun grew to become the new century. four good boy yearned for a red scarf red scarf floating up party activities the time my sister smiled interactive reference third-tier Keywords: Live Life to start from my own life. cherish life. care for only one traffic safety in mind tomorrow. love hearts away from drugs safe campus life activities reference line cherish sister smiled interaction time Title IV of civic virtue Keywords: virtue is the golden civilization of love starting small striving to become good citizens to show four exemplary young style look for a hero to say goodbye to the bad habits of civic and moral activities. interactive reference time my sister smiled sword fifth chapter of the new keywords and Technology : technological innovation for the benefit of mankind in science and technology of the sky flying home line approached schistosomiasis ecological civilization. away from schistosomiasis innovative technology gives me strength I grew up with scientific and technological innovation interactive reference time my sister smiled Endeavour Subject Title VI Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Endeavor the nation's hope of love and gratitude in the photo story of Mom and Dad. I love you I was growing up. grateful for your Thanksgiving activities Endeavour interactive reference time my sister smiled Title VII of civility Keywords: civility from our humble beginnings we have it from childhood Youth Green Internet good manners and civilized campus full of flowers with my line of civilization and civilized manners ceremonial interaction time reference smiled sister eco-eighth chapter Keywords: protection of the environment to create a better home Live Life Do not let the earth mother weeping water forest fire people people have the responsibility to start a low-carbon eco-friendly living activities from my reference interaction time my sister smiled IX healthy and happy words: I grew up I do a happy. lovely base my teeth. my health blowing in from the harvest field on melody and a race against time healthy and happy interaction activities reference time my sister smiled 10th chapter harmonious words: infinite harmony beautiful children. Congratulations you learn to grow up understanding of their love experience the life cherish the happy and harmonious campuses filled with love. harmonious interaction activities reference time my sister smiled theme teams will be the tenth one campus activities links links a campus theme of the activities Zhuge Shu team link two link three guidance documents expert opinion Postscript Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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