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Overcoming Depression and Low Mood:  A Five Areas Approach - Christopher Williams
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Christopher Williams:
Overcoming Depression and Low Mood: A Five Areas Approach - nouveau livre

ISBN: 9781444113105

ID: 9781444113105R180

Building on the success of previous editions, Overcoming Depression and Low Mood presents a series of self-help workbooks for use in self-assessing and managing depression and periods of low mood, with support from a health care professional.This book covers all the issues that are known to be problematic in depression in the clear, user-friendly format that is associated with the 'Overcoming...' series. The interactive questions and worksheets are a key feature of the series and they are plentiful and appropriate in this new title. Using the established Five Areas Assessment model of depression, the book provides a clear model of intervention using the proven cognitive behaviour therapy evidence-based approach. It is empowering and supportive, helping readers make changes to their lives in a planned and achievable way. The workbooks also provide an invaluable resource for counsellors, general practitioners, nursing staff, psychiatrists, social workers and others working with people suffering from low mood or depression. 9781444167481,9781444115116,9781444113105,1444167480,1444113100 Other pricing structure might be available at vitalsource.com., CRC Press

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